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Rejuvenation Fund Kickstarts Cadet Activities Post-Lockdown

Cadets returned to instruction without delay

25 January 2022

Cadets back in actions thanks to rejuvenation fund

2021 was off to a challenging start for our cadet forces. Lockdowns along with school and cadet activity disruptions left many young cadets feeling both anxious and isolated from their peers.

Involvement in the Army Cadet Force opens up a world of possibilities for young people to feel more connected to their local communities, seek new challenges and learn essential life skills.

In today’s ‘new normal’ ACCT UK’s role in guiding young lives is more important than ever. With the introduction of a Rejuvenation Fund, we ensured disruptions to cadet activities would be kept to a minimum. The immediate impact of the rejuvenation fund was seen in big way across our community. We were delighted to receive so many reports! Keep reading for a glimpse into some of the great ACF initiatives that were funded by ACCT UK’s Rejuvenation Fund.

Why a Rejuvenation Fund?

The Rejuvenation Fund was established by ACCT UK to help get cadet activities back on their feet. Ensuring that cadets would return to face-to-face instruction without delay.

ACCT UK’s Rejuvenation Fund played a crucial part in getting ACF cadets back into action as soon as restrictions were lifted. We received funding applications from ACF counties across the UK that needed assistance with projects, trips and equipment for their cadets ⁠— from new climbing walls and new laptops to summer camps. 

ACCT UK’s Rejuvenation Fund awarded £92,501 in 2021 to ensure that ACF Counties could speedily get back to normal post-lockdown.

What was the Rejuvenation Fund for?

The 2021 ACCT UK Rejuvenation Fund awarded £92,501 to fund a wide range of activities for cadets. ACCT UK encouraged ACF Sectors, Counties and Battalions to apply for grants. The funds were used specifically in support of the return to face-to-face activities.

Some of the activities that were funded as part of the Rejuvenation Fund.

🍬Goody Bags 
🛠️Repair and construction
☀️Annual Summer Camp Fees 
💻Laptops and Tablets 
🧗🏾‍♂️Adventure Training Fees

ACCT UK grants ensure all young people in the UK can benefit from the life-changing experience of being a cadet and the community that comes with it.

Who received support from the ACCT UK Rejuvenation Fund?

In total ACCT UK provided 55 grants to support cadets in getting back to their activities post-lockdown. Here’s the full list of the Battalions who benefited from a Rejuvenation Fund grant.

Reports from the field

LINCS ACF Annual camp. The LINCS ACF annual camp began at the wild pines activity centre where cadets participated in activities such as high ropes, command tasks and archery. They then went on to Beckingham Training Camp where they had further opportunity to meet new people from within 4 Company. The cadets had access to a rock-climbing wall, archery, clay pigeon shooting, observational games as well as paintballing and use of the Personal Role radios.

Cadet Sergeant Alfie Nelson shared his thoughts with us on his experience at the LINCS ACF annual camp.

“Opportunities such as annual camps not only shape us into better cadets, but it also shapes us into better people. Thanks to the cadets, I feel as though I’m much more confident in my own abilities as well as have the discipline which is required to be an effective and an efficient worker and contributor to society. Without the generous funding from ACCT UK, these opportunities will be less available to us cadets which would be a massive shame to all cadets.”

Cadet Sergeant Alfie Nelson

New Equipment for Minden Company Cadets. The Minden Company Cadets were thrilled to receive their seven new laptops and a projector to assist with their learning. The new equipment has helped the Minden Company cadets to better prepare for lessons and access resources to assist their learning outcomes. They can now watch videos, practise their typing and spelling and use colours to help with their reading.

“As a training 3 star Corporal with dyslexia having a projector and laptop at hand can help me prepare for lessons and JCIC. We as cadets didn’t have access to this before. It helps teach lessons as the cadets can read and understand it easier and it also helps when showing videos and demonstrations.”

Corporal F, Minden Company Cadets
Minden Company cadets with their new laptop and projector

Newly constructed command task equipment at Humberside and Yorkshire Cadets. Humberside and Yorkshire Cadets were able to construct three Command task/Model pits within the Cadet Training Centre. The sand pits are now more health and safety compliant and offers less impact if students were to fall. The versatility of the new pits means the only limitation is ones imagination.

“Hearing that the proposal had been accepted was great news after a testing year for all due to Covid limitations. The proposal gave the permanent staff something to focus on, but still remained challenging due to the restrictions. The initial planning costs had to be reviewed due to the high demand in materials during lockdowns forced prices up in some cases by 45%.”

E Coy, Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF
construction weekend at Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF

Falling Plate competition at Cleveland ACF Annual camp. Cleveland had 180 cadets take part in the falling plate competition thanks to the grant from ACCT UK’s Rejuvenation Fund.

“Annual Camp at Wathgill this year. We spent 2 weeks on a non-residential and residential camp. FTX was residential, with AT and Ranges being non-residential.

We made maximum use of our air rifles so everyone got to fire, life was made so much easier with the new air bottles for filling the air rifles. At the end of each package they finished with a falling plate competition using the targets the grant paid for, this was a massive success. ”

Major Paul Elliot, CEO Cleveland ACF

ACCT UK rejuvenation grant

Repair of the climbing tour at Kent ACF —The excitement that comes with new Canoes at Royal County of Berkshire ACF — New tents for Black Watch Battalion ACF.
Repair of the climbing tour at Kent ACF —The excitement that comes with new Canoes at Royal County of Berkshire ACF — New tents for Black Watch Battalion ACF.
Wilts ACF return to training — Suffolk ACF upgrade their Syllabus training aids  — AT Paddleboards purchased for Bed & Herts ACF
Wilts ACF return to training — Suffolk ACF upgrade their Syllabus training aids — AT Paddleboards purchased for Bed & Herts ACF

🤍 A huge thank you to all of the ACF counties who submitted a grant proposal for the rejuvenation fund. We’re thrilled to receive all the positive reports and look forward to more updates.

If you’d like to apply for a grant please get in contact to find out about applications opening soon in your area.

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