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Help Army Cadets across the country to do more by fundraising for The Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK.

Give back to the Army Cadet Force

The Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK is the official charity of the Army Cadet Force. There are many ways to get involved and support our work whilst achieving your personal or corporate goals at the same time!

A-Z Fundraising Ideas

A-Z Fundraising Ideas

Challenge Events

Challenge Events

Corporate Fundraising

Corporate Fundraising

Other Ways to Give

Other Ways to Give

Why we need your help

ACCT UK needs your help to support the ACF to do more and better for the young people of the United Kingdom. The charity extends the capabilities of local ACF detachments by providing adult volunteers with funding for training and enabling a variety of activities to enhance the cadet experience through charitable grants.  ACCT UK grants offer opportunities for young people to learn new skills, build confidence and develop friendships that inspire and empower them to achieve life their ambitions.

A key aim for the Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK is to ensure the opportunities presented by the Army Cadet Force reach the young people who need them most.

ACCT UK runs pathway events in areas or for groups where the benefits of uniformed cadet service are not seen or instinctively understood, but where the impact of joining would be significant. The pathway events give these young people a taste of what the ACF is all about and then signpost them towards signing up at their local detachment, providing a positive long-term impact on their lives.

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  • Provide more opportunities for young people to explore their passions and develop new skills.
  • Enable access to cadets to hard to reach groups of youth.
  • Offer more opportunities for learning experiences in music, sport and DofE.
  • Purchase much needed equipment and specialist training packages.


With the support of ACCT UK, Cadets and Adult Volunteers can access trips and activities that would normally be out of reach. For example summer camp, overseas trips and adventure training activities such as sky diving or rock climbing.

Where your fundraising £££ will go

Each year the charity supports more than 5,000 cadets and adult volunteers.

All funds raised for Army Cadets go back into supporting cadets and volunteers to develop and achieve within the Army Cadets Programme. Below are cost examples per unit or per person for some of the common activities, development courses and equipment purchases the charity funds.

Fundraising News

Aaydah – Young Army Cadet
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