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Darren – ACF Volunteer

Darren, 49, an ACF Adult Volunteer who lives in Hampshire, had decided to buy into a franchise just before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

18 August 2021

The Hardship Relief Fund

With no income due to the first UK lockdown, Darren quickly found himself in debt.

Living off of a loan and credit cards during my training and for the first year, had given me a huge debt to pay when I started to earn through the new venture. Unfortunately, a month down the line I had lost everything. With a debt of £38,000 I had to call it a day.’

The Hardship Fund granted by ACCT UK changed Darren’s life.

The Hardship Fund came at a time where it was such a life line for me to be able to get small essentials that I could not afford and for this I was so grateful.’

Darren found the ACCT UK grant application process very simple, ‘It only took around 5 minutes to complete and return’.

ACCT UK helped 290 Adult ACF Volunteers and their families to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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