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Individual Cadet Grants ensure inclusion for all

A young cadet from Humberside & South Yorkshire shares his story

21 July 2022

Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF

The Army Cadet Force offers so many excellent opportunities for young people to develop and thrive.

As the ACF’s charity it’s our mission to make opportunities accessible to all young people.

Alongside county grants that can reduce the costs for the whole group, those cadets who cannot afford the individual contributions can submit separate applications.

This is Will’s story… 💬💬

I applied for the funding because my mum is not doing well financially and she is the only parent in my house as she is a single mother. This means we cannot afford much so we decided to apply for the funding. I heard about Exercise Ares in late 2021 when my detachment commander at the time, Staff Sergeant Broadhead, had told us about it when I was taking drill at my detachment.

Cadets from Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF in Cyprus
HSY and N&W with 2 Yorks on MUTT 2. You can see me wearing a helmet on MUTT 2.

When we got the funding, it meant that I could go to Cyprus with the Army Cadet Force. At Cyprus there were many activities involved such as clay pigeon shooting, field training exercise, seeing RAF Akrotiri and looking at equipment the military is using, for example the Watchkeeper drone. We even saw the USAF using the U2 spy plane and I got to see inside of one and meet one of the pilots.

As a young man I believe the trip the Cyprus has had a positive impact on my life, this is because I have met other companies in HSY before I have even been on a proper annual camp. It’s made me see how big the Army Cadet Force is outside of B Company.

Cadets from Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF in Cyprus
Me and a few friends I made in Cyprus.

I would like to thank the organisation and people who allowed the funding to go through. As without it I wouldn’t have been able to take part in the trip. I’m really grateful for this.

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