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The Army Cadet Force

Fun, Friendship, Action, Adventure

Inspire to Achieve!

The Army Cadet Force (ACF) is a national youth movement, founded in 1859, that provides a year-round programme of progressive youth development and challenge activities for 12-18 year olds. 

Army Cadet Force in 2022


Adult Volunteers


The ACF programme gives young people a wide range of opportunities to learn new skills, build confidence and develop lasting friendships.

By trying new things young people develop their confidence and discover new passions.


At the core of the ACF programme are the military activities of fieldcraft and shooting –  a proven vehicle for developing life skills in young people: self confidence, self discipline, teamwork, resilience and more. 

Just as important are the training activities outside the core, which form the wider cadet experience: Sport, Music, First Aid, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. They too develop those skills and qualities, but more importantly they add breadth to the training syllabus and give cadets nationally recognised qualifications.

Outdoor Education


Army Cadets are challenged to try a wide range of activities that push their limits and provide opportunities for growth. A key focus is placed on outdoor and adventurous activities as well as sports. Cadets can also take part in music, first aid, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and can study towards BTEC qualifications.

Young people are spending 50% less time outdoors compared to their parents’ generation.

Building Stronger Communities


Cadets are given the chance to mix with a range of adult volunteers and young people with different backgrounds, cultures and interests. It is a supportive learning environment that focuses heavily on teamwork and supporting peers. Those that struggle within a normal school environment often thrive at Army Cadets. An important part of Army Cadets is their involvement with local community activities such as fundraising events or concerts.

A sense of community and citizenship is one of the most important gifts we can give our young people, this is where resilience comes from.

Summer Camps & Expeditions

Army Cadet Force Summer Camp

A highlight of the annual cadets programme is the 2 week summer camp which is the sole annual vacation for up to 50% of young cadets and a chance to establish longterm friendships. Many cadets also get the chance to participate in ‘extracurricular’ expeditions and trips that often take them overseas or to significant memorial sites.





Skills for Life and Careers

Army Cadet Force First Aid


Involvement in the Army Cadet Force is not linked to the Armed Forces or recruitment for the Armed Forces but rather promotes an understanding of the roles and responsibilities. Military-style training has been proven as an effective development tool across all career sectors. The majority of young people go onto university or college to study a wide range of topics, some of which they may have discovered a passion for in cadets! 


Still curious about some of the cool things Army Cadets get to do?

🪖Fieldcraft     🔫Shooting  🧭 Orienteering   Football     

🏃🏽‍♀️Athletics     🏊Swimming  👟Cross Country   🏉Rugby 

💪Tug of War  🏑 Hockey  🌊Sea kayaking   🏄🏽‍♂️Paddleboarding 

🛶Canoeing      🧗🏻‍♂️Climbing   🚵🏽‍♀️Mountain biking    🪨Caving 

🪂Sky diving   🐎Horse Riding   ⛰️Mountaineering   ⛷️Skiing   🩹First Aid

Develop your skills and confidence in the Army Cadet Force

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