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What We Do

Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT) UK aims to give all young people the opportunity to develop and achieve through Army Cadets activities.

We believe that by supporting young people in the UK to access the ACF, we can help to develop their physical, mental and social skills to give them the best possible start in life and help them achieve their life ambitions. We also value ACF volunteers and are committed to developing their youth leadership and training abilities.


We support Army Cadets across the UK with grants to support their development. Whether it’s funding to support an individual life-changing activity such as an Army Cadet representing Team GB at the Olympics or essential equipment needed for a new activity being developed by an Army Cadet group, ACCT UK supports Army Cadets in achieving their goals.

The Matthew Bacon Bursary Fund awards bursaries to individual Army Cadets each year to take part in a life-changing 19-day Outward Bound Trust expedition which would otherwise be beyond their financial means. The course is open to Army Cadets that may have experienced a difficult beginning, are from a disadvantaged background or lack self-confidence and helps build the emotional health and wellbeing of young people. The course enables them to discover new skills, experience new sports adventures and learn important key life skills for the future.

We value Army Cadet volunteers and could not survive without their dedication and commitment to supporting Army Cadets. We believe in developing the skills of Army Cadet volunteers and work in partnership with CVC to award bursaries to support Army Cadet Volunteers enrolled on the ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management through the KGVI Memorial Leadership Course. The course enables our Adult Volunteers to develop their professional leadership skills in order to progress within their Army Cadets career and provide the best team leadership experience for their Army Cadets.

During COVID-19 pandemic

ACCT UK also helped 290 Army Cadet Volunteers and their families to survive through grants awarded through the Hardship Relief Fund.



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