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Awarding Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificates

24 April 2023

In recognition of their outstanding bravery and quick thinking, several adult volunteers have recently been honoured with Royal Humane Society (RHS) Resuscitation Certificates. This certificate recognises adult volunteers and cadets who have successfully performed CPR. 

ACCT UK takes pride in providing support to cadets and adult volunteers by offering various award programs such as the Praiseworthy awards, which acknowledges their contributions in supporting the general community, from minor incidents to major life saving situations. We select cadets and adult volunteer nominees and assist them in exploring the possibility of being recognised for external awards like the Resuscitation Award. If there are no external awards available, we issue our own certificates to recognise their efforts.

Thanks to the training provided to cadets and adult volunteers, at least a dozen lives are saved every year. Certificates are awarded quarterly, and the recipients from the January cohort have saved a total of three lives.

The Resuscitation Certificates

The RHS Resuscitation certificates are awarded to individuals who have performed a successful resuscitation of someone who has stopped breathing (CPR).

Resuscitation Recipients

Lieutenant Christopher Cooper, Cardiff & Vale College Combined Cadet Force

A man collapsed in a supermarket aisle while staff raised the alarm. Lieutenant Christopher Cooper administered chest compressions and the man’s daughter contacted the ambulance service while searching for a defibrillator. After several weeks in the hospital, the man is recovering at home with a pacemaker.

Squadron Leader Jonathan Evans, Staffordshire ACF; Major Phillip Anthony Hurley, Staffordshire ACF; Captain Franco Rizzo, RAF Air Cadets

During a charity clay pigeon shooting competition, a man suffered a cardiac arrest. Squadron Leader Jonathon, who is part of the RAF cadets, found the man unresponsive and commenced CPR. Captain Franco Rizzo arrived and they continued CPR. An AED was used, and after the fifth cycle, the man regained a sinus rhythm. The man was taken to the hospital and is recovering well. The air ambulance doctor and a paramedic said the man would not have survived without the intervention of Evans, Hurley and Rizzo. The family sent a letter of gratitude to the three nominees.

Emma Lambert; Staff Sergeant Instructor Austin Snelson, Cheshire Army Cadet Force

During a charity rugby match, Staff Sergeant Instructor Austin responded to a call for medical assistance and found a man lying on the ground with no pulse. Lambert, an off-duty nurse, was already present but no one else was helping. Staff Sergeant Instructor Snelson performed CPR and obtained an AED. The man regained consciousness after being shocked and was later taken to the hospital. Staff Sergeant Instructor Snelson used his military experience to guide the air ambulance to land safely. The incident was witnessed by the local MP, Charlotte Nichols, who had recently unveiled the club’s defibrillator.

These resuscitation awards serve as a reminder of the importance of being prepared to act in times of emergency and the incredible impact they have on the lives of others. We applaud the bravery and quick thinking of these adult volunteers and are honoured to support them through our award nominations. 

Learn more about Accessing ACF First Aid training here.

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