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the UK

ACCT UK has a number of branches across the UK to ensure Army Cadets are supported at a local level according to their individual needs and requirements.


ACCT Scotland can trace its origins back to 1944, when it was set-up as a sub-committee of the British National Cadet Association.  Since that time, it has helped and assisted countless cadets and volunteers, as well as forming a very close working relationship with the two RFCAs in Scotland and with 51st Infantry Brigade.

ACCT Scotland plays a very prominent role working with all the Brigade Cadet Advisors.  Of primary importance is helping to manage annually the series of Regional sports championships which bring cadets from all eight Scottish Battalions together and enables a Scottish team to be assembled for the national championships.  In the same vein, ACCT Scotland sponsors the annual First Aid competition, organises two annual postal shoots, and purchases the medals and trophies for the annual Brigade drill, SAAM and military skills competitions.

Each Battalion is encouraged to bid to ACCT Scotland for a grant of up to £1,000 annually as a contribution towards cadet activities that might not otherwise attract financial support.  A new initiative is a pilot scheme with Care First, which offers a free and confidential counselling service to Scottish volunteers and their immediate families.

Every two years, ACCT Scotland organises and sponsors a Battlefield Tour to Belgium and France for Army Cadets.  Publications include a quarterly newsletter and an annual review of all Army Cadet activities.

However, the flagship event organised by ACCT Scotland is the annual Beating Retreat on the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle.  This brings together 200 of the finest cadet musicians from Scotland and beyond, who perform for an invited audience and members of the public.

Contact:  Martin Passmore, 0204 4850 8190,


ACCT Wales works closely with the three ACF Counties in Wales and the RFCA for Wales to enhance and augment the cadet experience for young people across Wales.

Organising the Wales National ACF Sports events and offering a range of grants and support, ACCT Wales is an integral part of the ACCT UK family.

President: Lord Touhig

Chairman: Col (Ret’d) David Hammond

Secretary/Treasurer: Paul Naysmith

Contact: 020 4586 8191,


ACCT Northern Ireland is a long-established branch, working closely with the Cadet Commandants, Brigade Regional Advisors, RFCA (NI) and 38x Irish Brigade to promote and support the work and activities of the ACF.

ACCT NI raise funds to ensure cadets have the opportunity to participate in all aspects ofthe ACF including Regional and National cadet events.

The Branch Committee meets on a regular basis, updating the members and ensuring the continued development of all activities and supporting the wellbeing of our cadets andvolunteers.

Contact details: Roberta Turkington MBE, 020 4586 8189,


To contact us directly about any regional news, please email: or use our contact us form to get in touch

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