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ACCT UK Awards

We support cadets and adult volunteers by offering award programmes that acknowledge their contributions in non-military activities.

ACCT UK Awards

ACCT UK takes pride in providing support to cadets and adult volunteers by offering award programmes that acknowledge their contributions in non-military activities.


The ACCT UK Excellence Awards recognise cadets and Adult volunteers in sport, first aid, music, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and community service. Cadet and CFAV winners in each category are presented with a trophy at a prestigious awards ceremony. Deserving nominees receive the ACCT UK President’s Certificate.

Excellence nominations are also reviewed for the medals of the British Citizen Award, the League of Mercy and other external award programmes. Army cadets have been included in the medal winners in all ten years the British Citizen Award has been in place. Over its first three years army cadets have received nine Distinguished Community Service Medals for Cadets from the League if Mercy.

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ACCT UK Praiseworthy Action Award

ACCT UK also provide the praiseworthy action award scheme recognising cadets and Adult volunteers who render help and assistance to the general community (including other cadets and Adult volunteers) from minor incidents to life-saving situations and other real life emergencies. Nominees can receive the ACCT UK National Praiseworthy Action Certificate and for exceptional service the higher level Meritorious Action Certificate. ACCT UK also support nominations to other bodies including the Royal Humane Society. A nomination form can be downloaded below:

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Royal Humane Society Awards

The Royal Humane Society awards to cadets and adult volunteers include the Resuscitation Certificate, Commendation, Testimonials in Parchment and Vellum, and the Bronze Medal. The Society also award the President’s Medal for the most outstanding act by a young person in the previous year. Since it was instiuted in 2018 army cadets have been bestowed with four of the six awards made.

Through its two awards programmes, In 2023 ACCT UK provided recognition to 175 cadets and 69 adult volunteers who stepped forward demonstrating excellence, selflessness and dedication particularly in supporting people, community relations, and rendering first aid. A table of awards open for nomination and the nomination process can be seen here:

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ACCT UK Award News

ACCT UK 2022 Excellence Awards – 16th June 2023 at Carpenters’ Hall.
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