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Empowering Youth Through Archery

10 October 2023

ACCT UK supports young people across the UK to access life-changing opportunities through our grants. One shining example of this is SI Fenech, who recently received an ACCT UK grant for archery and shared their experience of taking part in a course that has had a profound impact on both their own skillset and the lives of the young cadets they work with.

The journey began when SI Fenech decided to train as an archery instructor, thanks to the funding provided by ACCT UK. This decision wasn’t just about personal growth; it was about enhancing the educational experience of the cadets they worked with. Through this training, SI Fenech gained the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver archery as a subject to the cadets, and in doing so, they improved their teaching methods and deepened their subject knowledge.

This newfound proficiency has opened doors to exciting possibilities. Now equipped with the skills and confidence to teach archery effectively, SI Fenech envisions a future where archery lessons become a regular part of their cadets’ experience. This isn’t just about learning a new skill; it’s about having fun and fostering personal growth simultaneously.

One significant outcome of SI Fenech’s journey is the integration of archery into parade nights. The inclusion of archery adds a competitive edge to their activities, diversifying their training programmes to cater to all age groups within their cadet detachment. This infusion of archery not only keeps things exciting but also fosters a sense of discipline and healthy competition among the cadets.

Before completing the course, SI Fenech faced some self-confidence challenges, however, the completion of the archery course has significantly boosted his self-assurance, enabling him to take the lead in organising events and proficiently develop risk assessments and activity plans.

Funding has allowed us to improve our young people’s lives as it allows more instructors to gain a new qualification to help deliver something new to our cadets. Again, going on the incorporation aspect of delivery, archery allows the ACF to bring a new sport to the table with the more qualified instructors we have allowing us to maximise on our delivery, allowing more cadets to get involved.

With more archery instructors becoming qualified, archery has been factored into our Adventure Training (AT) programmes within the Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS) allowing more AT to be run locally and on national level.

Major Kaz Lorimer

SI Fenech’s journey from receiving an ACCT UK grant to becoming a qualified archery instructor is a testament to the positive impact of funding in youth development. It showcases how investments in education and skill development can empower both instructors and young people, ultimately leading to a brighter and more fulfilling future for all involved. As archery finds its place in the cadet’s curriculum, it not only adds a fun and competitive element but also instills valuable life skills and fosters a sense of achievement that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking to get involved in something similar and need support with funding, you can apply today, here.

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