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Jack – ACF Volunteer

ACCT UK's Member Insurance was there to help Jack and his family in a time of need

27 October 2021

Member Insurance

In 2019 Jack Land was an adult volunteer with Wiltshire ACF. When travelling home from a course in April 2019 he was severely injured in a car crash. Jack was transported by air ambulance to Southmead Bristol. The swift access to an air ambulance and the professional and effective treatment that Jack received saved his life. In the first few days after the crash, as Jack fought for his life, his family were under enormous stress.

Jack’s father Ian “was so grateful for the ACCT UK Insurance.” Within a matter of days Ian received money to support his unconscious son. Working closely with the County Cadet Executive Officer and the “extremely helpful and understanding” ACCT UK Insurance Officer, Ian received regular payments as Jack’s acting Power of Attorney. “The payments were not insignificant and continued over several months. I cannot put into words how much this financial support meant to me and my son during the most challenging ‘touch and go’ period immediately after the accident.”

Ian was travelling on round trips of 50 miles most days and had to stop work in order to be with Jack. The financial support from the ACCT UK insurance made the nightmare scenario Ian was experiencing “a little more bearable”; money was one less thing to think about.

Jack has been hospitalised since the accident, undergoing a series of operations and intensive rehabilitation. He is still at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit (BIRU) near Bristol. Ian and his family are hoping Jack will return home in the near future, after undergoing more minor operations. A care package will be put in place so Jack can have the best quality of life.

Ian is keen that volunteers and cadets across the UK are making the best use of ACCT UK’s excellent accident policy. ACCT UK’s Personal Accident Insurance “made a significant difference” to Ian and Jack, both of whom are loyal ACF volunteers having served a significant time with Wiltshire ACF. You never know when such a tragic incident might happen and the care and security that Jack and his family received were of support in a very difficult time.

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