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A Knockout Victory: Major Wayne Harrison

28 November 2023

Thank you to Major Wayne Harrison, Company Commander at Greater Manchester ACF, who recently took part in a boxing competition and raised £246.15 for ACCT UK.

Wayne’s journey wasn’t just about winning in the ring but also about stepping out of his comfort zone. He dedicated eight weeks to rigorous training with White Collar Fighter, leading up to a thrilling three-round boxing match on November 18, 2023.

“I have been in the ACF for over 20 years, both as a cadet and an adult volunteer (CFAV), and have seen the benefits that ACCT UK brings in terms of support for cadets and CFAVs, including individual financial support during COVID, assistance for purchasing items to improve the delivery of cadet training, and support for activities through the grant scheme and vocational qualifications contributions. This ensures that every member of the ACF has the same opportunity to get involved.”

Major Wayne Harrison

“I wanted to find something that would challenge me both mentally and physically. After discussing ideas with other CFAVs and some of our cadets, I was inspired by a cadet who is an amateur boxer and also just recently started at a boxing college and suggested trying white collar boxing.”

Major Wayne Harrison

“It was a long day full of both excitement and nerves, supported by my friends, family, and fellow ACF instructors. The match was one of the most demanding things I’ve ever done but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Major Wayne Harrison

Wayne’s determination in the boxing ring mirrors his commitment to contributing meaningfully to the causes he believes in. Thank you Wayne for your support.

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