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Ben – Young Army Cadet

Army Cadet, Ben Robinson from Northern Ireland was able to compete in the Great Britain Under 19s Target Rifle Shooting team in the Scottish Open through ACCT UK funding.

18 August 2021

I have been an Army Cadet for almost seven years, joining as soon as I could in Larne Detachment.

I was first introduced to the target rifle shooting I know and love during my activities with Army Cadets. In order to develop the necessary knowledge and skills it requires, I found myself fully committing to making the best out of each time I got to practice, after each shoot I was assessing how I did what went wrong and what I can work on. This had a huge impact on my shooting career allowing me to progress and get to where I am through the sport.’

The Scottish Open was great, I was able to match my peers and learn as much as I could. The real highlight for me was being a part of a team of people I’ve shot with in the past, and meeting others I have heard of. Even though we all are distanced geographically, we know each other through the sport. One of the reasons I enjoy the sport so much is down to the many good friends I have met through the Army Cadets and mainly through target rifle. ‘

Without ACCT UK’s help, none of this would have been possible.’

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