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Ride London and Edinburgh Marathon Inspire Support and Gratitude

1 June 2023

Last weekend proved to be a busy and fulfilling time for fundraising, and we are delighted for all the participants who took part in both the Ride London and Edinburgh Marathon. We extend our appreciation to Donna, an adult instructor for Yorkshire North & West ACF, Rebecca, who was once a cadet and now leads cycling tours in Spain who was thrilled to unite with her former instructor on the ride and Rob, a dedicated ACCT UK supporter through his employer Ammo & Co who also own Cadet Kit Shop. They took on the epic Ride London for us. Louise, the Sports Officer for Lothian and Borders Battalion in Scotland took on the Edinburgh Marathon in a challenging environment as the day was unseasonably warm. Together, their unwavering dedication and involvement have truly made a significant impact.

The Ride London event was a testament to our participants’ add in more so it reads ‘The Ride London event was a testament to our participants’ grit and determination, covering 100 miles from Essex to London. Together, Donna, Rebecca, and Rob have raised an astounding £1769 with more donations still rolling in, which will provide essential assistance to young cadets and adult volunteers, empowering them to thrive in their endeavours. We are grateful for their support towards our ACCT UK fundraising efforts.

Louise’s journey in the Edinburgh Marathon was driven by personal meaning and a desire to honour her beloved grandmother. She raised an impressive £900, with £450 dedicated to both ACCT UK and Macmillan Hospice in Perth.

“Raising money for ACCT UK has been incredibly rewarding. I knew that my training, fuelled by the unwavering support around me, was benefiting such a worthwhile cause.”

Louise, Sports Officer for Lothian and Borders Battalion in Scotland

The Ride London and Edinburgh Marathon fundraising weekend was an extraordinary display of resilience, compassion, and community. With the support of incredible individuals like Donna, Louise, Rebecca,Rob and the collective effort of all participants, we continue to make a tangible difference in the lives of young cadets and adult volunteers. Together, let’s push boundaries, inspire change, and create a brighter future for all.

We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support we received throughout the weekend. The generosity of our participants and their commitment to our shared mission have touched countless lives.

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If you’re feeling inspired and eager to contribute to our cause, we invite you to embark on your own adventure. Whether it’s signing up for the Edinburgh Marathon, Ride London, or any other exciting event, you have the power to create positive change. Let’s unite in our mission to support ACCT UK, enabling young cadets and adult volunteers to thrive.

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