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The Matthew Bacon Bursary 2023

14 December 2023

The ACCT UK Matthew Bacon Bursary has become synonymous with opening doors to new horizons, particularly through the impactful partnership with the Outward Bound Trust (OBT). The 14-day ‘summit’ adventure challenge, made accessible by the bursary, has been a transformative experience for every recipient. These cadets, once facing uncertainties, have not only conquered physical challenges but also reached emotional and personal milestones during this immersive journey.

Deadline for the bursary is approaching, you can submit a nomination today here.

By participating in the OBT adventure challenge, recipients are offered more than just an expedition; they are given a chance to develop leadership skills, cultivate personal growth, and forge bonds that last a lifetime. The impact is not only immediate but has a ripple effect, influencing the trajectory of their future endeavours. The Matthew Bacon Bursary has become a testament to the incredible potential within every young cadet.

Kieran’s Matthew Bacon Bursary Experience.

My visit up at Loch Eil was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I met many interesting people and have kept many long-lasting relationships.

When I was on the bus going to the Outward-Bound centre at Loch Eil, I was honestly quite nervous about having to complete the many challenges I had to face and having to introduce myself to new people. But when I arrived and got assigned my room and knew who I was going to spend the next two weeks with, all these worries disappeared. Everyone had their own special characteristics and qualities.

I went on a total of three expeditions, with one being two nights, and the others being 3 nights long. This allowed me to be more independent with how I look after myself and my kit. We also did various different activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and rock scrambling. These activities showed me how to lead a group of people and how to be more confident in myself.

Overall, the experience has been life-changing and has taught me lots of skills like how to be confident, resilient, and a great leader. I thank this fund gratefully for the chance it has given me to improve myself, and I hope this fund continues to allow others to experience the things I got to experience.

Lance corporal Kieran Welsh

“Since Kieran has come back from his trip, his confidence has only continued to grow. He has been doing singing as part of his music classes in school, and recently had the confidence to stand up in-front of the unit, and sing! All of us, as the instructors and cadets, erupted into applause, as not only was this a massive achievement for him standing up in-front of a large group and singing, he was fantastic too!”

Colour Sergeant Katie Knight, Detachment Commander

“I would like to extend a meaningful thank you to all for setting up this fund in Matthew’s name, it has had such a huge and life changing impact on this cadet who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience something like this.”

Colour Sergeant Katie Knight, Detachment Commander

Deadline for the bursary is approaching, you can submit a nomination today.

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