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League of Mercy’s Awards

The League of Mercy’s Distinguished Community Service Medal For Cadets

The League of Mercy Foundation sponsors a medal for awarding cadets, known as ‘The League of Mercy’s Distinguished Community Service Medal for Cadets’ (the youth medal). The youth medal was instituted in 2021 when one medal was awarded. Four medals were awarded in 2022, three in 2023 and one in 2024.

In 2024 the Distinguished Community Service Award was introduced providing a Diploma for local presentation. Four diplomas were awarded to ACF cadets in 2024.

The League of Mercy was established by Royal Charter on 30th March 1899 and discontinued in 1948 on the introduction of the NHS. The League of Mercy Foundation was re-established as a charity registered in England on 30th March 1999, reviving a distinguished award now given for outstanding voluntary service over not less than seven years. The Foundation presents up to fifty Order awards and youth medals at an annual awards ceremony usually at the Mansion House in London.


Criteria for the youth award includes:

o A single conspicuous act of bravery or the saving of life (no minimum service requirement for this category).

o Courage in dealing with very severe personal adversity over a period of at least 30 months of cadet service.

o Outstanding service to the community which has made a real difference, especially concerning the care of the sick, the injured, the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable, during a period of at least 30 months of cadet service.

There may be an exceptional cadet who does not fit this criteria. If the nomination nevertheless meets the spirit of the award it will be considered.

Nomination process

o The Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK (ACCT UK) as a national charity support nominations from ACF and CCF cadets. ACCTUK will find, sift, invite and administer nominations through its Honours and Awards manager.
o Closing date for nominations is 28 February. Presentations are usually in July.
o Nominations are made initially by or for the ACF county cadet commandant or CCF contingent commander using the ACCT UK Excellence Awards nomination form (ACF nominations will also be considered for the Excellence Awards).
o ACCT UK Honours and Awards manager will initially draft the League of Mercy nomination form using the information given on the ACCT UK Excellence awards nomination form. Commandants will be invited to correct and enhance the draft nomination.
o The nomination form includes a CV. This should be written in prose format, not as a list.
o All nominations to the League must include three letters of support. These might include the commandant (essential) and two from:
· Lord Lieutenant
· Deputy Lieutenant
· Hon Col
· Brigade Comd
· Bde Col Cdts
· Coy Comd
o Letters of support for nominations for a conspicuous act of bravery or the saving of life should include witnesses, relatives etc.
o Nominations and letters of support should focus on exceptional community service, particularly outside the cadet force. This should span at least 30 months. It can include community service for APC and Duke of Edinburgh Award.
o ACCT UK will submit the final nomination and letters of support to the League.
o The League will manage the final selection process. Any decisions on awards will be solely the responsibility of the League.

 Medal Presentation

The League will notify successful nominees directly and send them invitations to the medal presentation.

The medal presentation is a cadet duty for travelling and accommodation purposes.

Cadets will attend the Presentation Ceremony in uniform (No 2 uniform is authorised by Regional Command Cadet Branch).

6. Diploma Presentation

The Diploma is awarded to cadets who narrowly miss the award of a medal. The Diploma is sent to the commandant for local presentation at a suitably prestigious event.

The League of Mercy’s Distinguished Community Service Medal for Cadets is a highly prestigious award.  Great care should be taken in writing nominations and supporting letters without delay.  ACCTUK will provide guidance and help at every stage.  Every year we lose an award because the nomination loses momentum.  It is worth the effort!

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